We are a Hull based company that specialises in the production of 3D Printers, and in 3D Printing in general.

Since our successfully funded Kickstarter in July of 2015, we have expanded our business model, offering new services and products.

Our flagship product, the NFire Pro, was built with simplicity and versatility in mind for users of all levels. Our Print Farm service, utilising the speed and accuracy of the NFire Pro, is designed especially for schools and businesses to make education, innovation, and product development as quick and easy as possible.





Built to last

By using the NFire Pro's robust frame as its motion platform, the machine retains extremely high accuracy and repeat ability. With such a strong base to build from, the print volume can be increased without sacrificing any print quality, allowing a print volume of up to 25L!

intelligent printing

It is important in FDM 3D printing to get the first layer correct. With a smart sensor attached to the hot-end, a perfect first layer is always achieved with the NFire Pro. Once you start the print, the sensor kicks into action and automatically adjusts the 3D printer's parameters to compensate.


proven quality

Using the highest quality parts is required to make a machine reliable and perform at it's best every single time. The NFire Pro printer utilises the most cutting edge hot-ends and extruders from e3D. The world's leading 3D printer hot-end and extruder specialist. Combining this with the solid aluminium frame and the NFire Pro can produce perfect prints time and time again.

Key features

  • Build Volume: 300mm x 200mm x 300mm
  • Max Speed: 100mm/s
  • Automatic Bed-Levelling
  • Max Hot-end Temp: 285°C
    (Upgradable to over 400°C)
  • Max Heated Bed Temp: 100°C
  • Glass bed surface, covered in NFire Bed Adhesion mixture
  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Machine Interface: USB, LCD and SD Card
  • Compatible with majority of 3D Print and CAD software




Whether you're looking for a single print or a small production run, NFire Labs retains the capacity to meet your needs, via our Printer Farm service. Our service has been specifically tailored to suit both schools and businesses.



With the curriculum leaning ever more towards encouraging students to use a larger array of materials and processes, an entire class-worth of 3D models can take around 150hours to print. This equates to weeks of solid 3D printing, taking your machine out of action for other classes and projects. Our print farm service takes your CAD files and we print them out on our own machines. This means you would get all the models shipped to you in a matter of days, enabling 3D printing to become a core part of your teaching arsenal.


The NFire Print farm allows your business to take full advantage of 3D printing and the benefits it can provide. From a single one off prototype all the way through to production runs, the flexible nature of the on demand service allows for quick turn around so that the imminent deadline can be made without any compromises. Our machines have a large build volume to make your models larger, and you'd achieve an unparalleled look in the finer details of your model, bringing your concept into reality in a way which couldn't be done before. 


SUPPORT & Maintenance

The biggest reason why 3D printers are not being used is because of long waiting times when it comes to ordering replacement parts. We have hand crafted our maintenance service to ensure that delays are kept to a minimum, allowing you to get up and running with your machine as soon as possible.


Down Time

Whether you're a school with deadlines looming, or a business wanting to print out the next prototype for that game changing product, down time can be crippling! The NFire Maintenance Service is offered alongside any NFire Pro 3D printer and is in place for any unexpected breakdowns of your 3D printer.


Super fast swap-out

By partnering with UPS, the World's largest shipping company, we can replace your broken 3D printer with a fully working machine by the end of the following working day in most cases! This turn around for a machine is unparalleled with any other service currently available as it would be a few weeks before your machine is returned without the option of a courtesy machine to keep your workflow uninterrupted.


Parts and breakages

When covered by our Support and Maintenance Package, we don't charge anything extra for any part failures. The coverage covers 100% of the parts of the machine*, along with any labour costs to repair the problem. Because we design and build the 3D printers ourselves right here in Hull, UK, we can replace all the parts quickly and easily with short turnarounds.

*(Excludes accidental damage)


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