NFire Pro 3D Printer


By using the NFire Pro's robust frame as its motion platform, the machine retains extremely high accuracy and repeat ability. With such a strong base to build from, the print volume can be increased without sacrificing any print quality, allowing a print volume of up to 25 litres. The NFire Pro is the only affordable 3D printer which is fully backed up and supported with a maintenance contract and swap out service.



Intelligent 3D Printing

It is important in FDM 3D printing to get the first layer correct. With a smart sensor attached to the hot-end, a perfect first layer is always achieved with the NFire Pro. Once you start the print, the sensor kicks into action and automatically adjusts the 3D printer's parameters to compensate.

Proven Quality

Using the highest quality parts is required to make a machine reliable and perform at it's best every single time. The NFire Pro printer utilises the most cutting edge hot-ends and extruders from e3D. The world's leading 3D printer hot-end and extruder specialist. Combining this with the solid aluminium frame and the NFire Pro can produce perfect prints time and time again.



Key Features

Build Volume: 300mm x 200mm x 300mm
Max Speed: 100mm/s
Automatic Bed-Levelling
Max Hot-end Temp: 285°C
(Upgradable to over 400°C)
Max Heated Bed Temp: 100°C
Glass bed surface, covered in NFire Bed Adhesion mixture
Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
Machine Interface: USB, LCD and SD Card
Compatible with majority of 3D Print and CAD software


Do you want to see how 3D Printing and the NFire Pro can enable your business to rapidly speed up with prototyping and development? Contact us now and we can help you out!