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From prototype development through to industrial 3D manufacturing, scaled to fit your business.

Cost Breakdown


£££££ - 1/5

£££££ - 4/5

£££££ - 3/5

Carbon Fibre
£££££ - 5/5



Step 1 - Review 3D File for Manufacture

We’ll review your 3D file prior to manufacture to ensure it’s compatitble with the material and process chosen to ensure the highest quality print.

Step 2 - Printing

The best part! Your parts get printed on one of our many machines and we’ll keep you updated with the status along the way.


Step 3 - Quality Control and Shipment

Your parts undergo a complete QC assessment by one our our expert engineers and once they’re happy, your items are ready for shipment or collection from our Hull offices.

What Materials We Print the Most

What We Print the Most

Printing Options


Plastic Printing

We can print with the majority of thermo plastics such as (But not limited to): ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, Nylon & PP. We’re also able to print with flexible materials as well such fo extra grip or flexiblity. The colours we use can be colour matched to Pantone codes if required.

Resin Printing

Resin printing offers an incredible amount of accuracy and quality. The finish is almost injection mould standard and is greast for fine, intricate models. Opaque and transparent resins can be used as well as modified resins for dentral, medical and engineering applications.

Composite Printing

Composite materials allow us to 3D print with high perfomance materials such as carbon fibre infused plastic which offers incredible strength over standard plastics. Metals such as brass and aluminium can be infused with the plastic also to offer a step up in quality and feel.


We’re also able to aquire any other material to meet your requirements, so if you don’t see what you’re after listed above, get in touch and we can see how we can help you further.