3D Printing Service


Whether you're looking for a single print or a small production run, NFire Labs retains the capacity to meet your needs, via our Printer Farm service. Our service has been specifically tailored to suit both schools and businesses.



With the curriculum leaning ever more towards encouraging students to use a larger array of materials and processes, an entire class-worth of 3D models can take around 150hours to print. This equates to weeks of solid 3D printing, taking your machine out of action for other classes and projects. Our print farm service takes your CAD files and we print them out on our own machines. This means you would get all the models shipped to you in a matter of days, enabling 3D printing to become a core part of your teaching arsenal.



The NFire Print farm allows your business to take full advantage of 3D printing and the benefits it can provide. From a single one off prototype all the way through to production runs, the flexible nature of the on demand service allows for quick turn around so that the imminent deadline can be made without any compromises. Our machines have a large build volume to make your models larger, and you'd achieve an unparalleled look in the finer details of your model, bringing your concept into reality in a way which couldn't be done before. 


If you want to know more about the 3D printing service and see how it can assist your business, contact us and we can discuss your needs.