Premium Machine for Client - £2,800

Premium Machine for Client - £2,800


Better, Faster, Stronger?

Sometimes what you’re after isn’t avaible and 3D printing is no different. Machines are built to fit as a wider audience as possible and comprimise on certain aspects.

What we’re able to do is take all the key aspects you require and bundle that into one, complete, package for you - With no compromises!

Approx Costs

Advanced 3D Printer

Premium 3D Printer

Ultimate 3D Printer



Step 1 - Consultation

Tell us what your ideal 3D printer is. We use a modular design as the basis of our machines and as such can pick and choose what features we include.


Step 2 - Building

We take all of your requirements and build your very own bespoke 3D printer


Step 3 - Training and Install

Your new machine is hand delivered by ourselves and installed at a location of your choice. Staff are then tarined on how to use the 3D printer and how to correctly maintain the machine.


Key Features


Large Build Volume

A large build volume allows for printing on a large scale! The max printer suize which we can build for you is 200cm x 200cm x 200cm (Yes, that is 2 meters!)


Printing with more than one colour or material is a huge advantage and allows much more detailed and accurate parts to be printed

Fully Enclosed

To print with some materials you need a fully enclosed chamber. Our solution to this also increased the health and safety of the machine for users.


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