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A personal affair

The NFire Experience

Outsourcing work can feel very disconnected at times, especially when it involves large and expensive machinery which usually stays behind closed doors. We like to keep things human, and keep things personal. We have an open workshop which we encourage our clients to come and see to get a feel for us and our work. If you want to know more about the NFire way, contact us now.


What we're good at

3D Printers & Rapid Fabrication

We specialise in rapid prototyping and the manufacture high quality 3D printers. Our machines are modular and can be tailored to each individual requirement. Our production techniques cover 3D printing, CNC machining, laser cutting, mould making and many more. Between our skilled set of in-house experts, we have extensive knowledge in engineering, product design and modelling. This allows us to provide a professional service to projects which require a physical product. Whether it's a proof of concept, or a batch production run, we can turn your imagination into reality. Our CAD and design team can also make edits and tweaks to aid function or manufacturing to streamline the entire process saving you time and money.


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Who we've worked for


We couldn’t be more honoured to have worked with some of the most interesting and innovative global brands. Below are just some of the businesses that we have worked with recently, whether it be an initial proof of concept, or enabling them to use rapid prototyping to reduce costs, and increase prodictivity.

Siemens Website.png


For Siemens we created a truly one off product. It was for a large scale event, in which they required a 1:1 scale robot model which could be posed and moved by hand. With over 550hours of 3D printing this was one of our larger projects! The project only took one week in total, from design sketches all the way to final finishing.(images can be seen in our project gallery)

Nestle Website.png


Our Nestle project was a unique request. We were asked to produce an original way of displaying and dispensing Smarties. Our idea was based off the 'Plinko' game and was entirely 3D printed with some foam and resin accents. (images can be seen in our project gallery)

Spencer Website.png

spencer engineering

Spencer required a number of models for their project pitches to clients. This encompassed prospective buildings and also bespoke products. We were able to prototype and produce accurate scale models of these designs in time for their pitches. (images can be seen in our project gallery)

Youngs Website.png

young's seafoods

Young's Seafoods created a brand new Innovation Centre in their head office for their clients. They wanted to be able to rapidly produce concept models in-house rather than outsource these to an external company who took a number of weeks to turnaround the project. The installation of an NFire Pro 3D printer has enabled them to rapidly produce and review new products. (images can be seen in our project gallery)



What next

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