Have an Idea?

Bring your idea for a product to life with the help 
of our expert 3D designers and engineers.

Approximate Project Rates

Priority - £75 per hour
Fastest turnaround possible

Quick - £50 per hour

(Example projects can be found towards the bottom of this page)



Step 1 - Consulatation

Not sure where to start? Chat with our expert design team and discuss project goals, design inspiration, and materials.


Step 2 - Design It

Work closely with a dedicated 3D designer, provide feedback and see your project come to life!


Step 3 - Ready to Manufacture

We send you your 3D file which you can use to instantly start manufacturing with NFire Labs.


Digital Manufacturing Processes


Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is fast and effecient and produces top quality end product parts. Various materials can be used, from cardboard to plastic to allow for packaging mockups to be fabricated. We use the latest in laser technology to offer you the best manufacturing options.

3D Printing

3D Printing is incredibly versatile as it allows for single, or thousands of parts to be made easily with little tooling set-up reducing time and cost. We use a variety of printing technologies to provide the best solution for you.

CNC Machining

CNC machining allows for the use of metal and woods in the manufacturing space. We’re able to offer different grades of material to get the perfect match for your project. Size isn’t a probelm either as we can scale to the needs required.


Costing Examples

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